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These are not necessarily the best sites, just some that I've found.


Visit French Websites  - use French Search Engines


Learn French Online

Encarta Language Learning

BBC Education

BBC French Fix

BBC Talk French

BBC France Inside Out

BBC French Experience    Beginners

BBC French Experience 2    Intermediate French

Fast & Friendly French for Fun

French Assistant

French Language Course

The French Learning Website

French Tutorial

French Lesson.org

French Language Fun Stuff

Learn French Free





French for Travellers

French for Beginners

Buxton Online

RFI langue français

Concorde French   - produce french learning magazines and tapes


Fluent french

French Teaching Site


Online Games (mots croisés etc)

French at learn.co.uk



Lots more french links




French language discussions/newsgroups

la Mairie at LivingFrance.com (click on 'conferences' for many other forums)

alt.french  - via your newsreader   or via your browser at google.com

alt.languages.french  -  via your newsreader  or via your browser at google.com

alt.france  -  via your newsreader  or via your browser at google.com

k12.lang.francais - via your newsreader or via browser at google.com

fr.lettres.langues.francaise   -  via your newsreader or via browser at google.com  or foorum.fr

Access discussion groups via a french site, using your browser  -  foorum.fr  or  news.voila.fr

lots of learning french forums here

There are also discussion groups at many of the french learning websites




Alta Vista

Dictionary.com Translations

French-English on-line Dictionary       

English-French on-line Dictionary

French-English (& English-French) Dictionary

French Dictionary Links



Windows Media Radio Tuner   -  many french stations online

Yahoo.fr - French Radio Online  -  Diffusion sur internet

Radio France Internationale

For the Channel Islands - simply scan through your radio frequencies - you'll find several french stations!



BBC French Language Programme TV Schedule

Saint Tropez (Teen TV soap - broadcast on BBC Knowledge every Thursday)

Saint Tropez - French Slang

Language programmes on BBC Knowledge channel

Thursday BBC Knowledge schedule - Look for the French Fix programmes, Saint Tropez, and the foreign language film (late night) which is often in French

French TV online  Click on the links to watch french TV news etc

Channel Television (ITV Channel Islands) broadcast Telejournal and Rendezvous Dimanche at Sunday lunchtimes

French TV reception                Guernesey en web français

It is also possible to receive french TV broadcasts in Guernsey.  If you live on the East coast, and (on a fine day!) can see the coast of France, then you should be able to receive french TV broadcasts via a conventional aerial (if it's pointing the right way!) 

If you don't live within sight of France, you will require a satellite dish and receiver (applies to the rest of the British Isles too)

Whether you opt for terrestrial or satellite reception - you will also need a multi-standard TV set, as France broadcasts in SECAM, rather than PAL.  It's possible to receive programmes on an ordinary set, but they'll be in B&W, not colour.

 Sarnia Radio / Audiovision is the company in Guernsey who specialise in french TV reception - both via aerial and via statellite.   They also supply the multi-standard TV sets (All Thomson sets, and some Grundig)

I have satellite reception, and receive 6 channels - TV1, France 2, France 3, Canal+ (also often scrambled, but available "en clair" for several hours a day), La Cinquieme/ARTE (broadcast on the same channel at different times) and M6.   They are all free-to-air via the Telecom 2B satellite.  (Subcription is necessary to be able to view the scrambled channels on Canal+) 

Few programmes are broadcast with (french) subtitles, although almost all films are  -  on TV1, France 2, France 3 and ARTE.   Most evenings, there are at least 2 films starting between 8.30 and 9pm (french time)

What's on french TV?

What's on this evening?  (first 6 channels in list)

What's on now?   (first 6 channels in list)

French satellite TV listings


TV5 is now available via Sky Digital on channel 825


Home pages of the main french TV stations

Some of the sites have news stories and excerpts from programmes, available on video online





La Cinquième     



More Info & Links here

TV5  Sky Digital channel 825

For more information about receiving french language television, see this discussion forum




News in French

Le Monde

La Tribune


Le Figaro

le Nouvel Observateur

Reuters France



le Parisien

Bretagne Online

la Lettre de Bretagne

la Lettre de Normandie

Ouest France


Typing Accents etc

It's possible to set up your computer to enable you to type french accents, circumflex, cedilla etc.  There are several options to do this.   One is to use the character map within the application such as Word - but fiddly and time consuming.  Another is to set up an additional keyboard language.  The obvious choice would be French.  However, using the french keyboard adds complications - the Q and A keys are reversed for example.  I use the French (Canadian) keyboard.  The letter keys remain unchanged, but you have access to the various accents etc.

How to set up windows for French (Canadian) keyboard   (ignore section titled 'Setting up Collect')

French Canadian Keyboard

French Accents

Some people prefer to use ASCII number codes for each character.  Make sure that Number Lock is turned on, then hold down the ALT key, and type in number codes (using number pad on right of keyboard)   to use the various accents etc  See this page for number codes   or here 

Working in French with Microsoft Word (applies to all windows programmes)

How to enter foreign language characters on computer


Guernesey en web français

Maison de la France  - le site officiel du tourisme Français

learn french resources at Attica -  books, cd-roms, video, tapes etc

learn french books at Amazon.co.uk

Amazon.co.uk - learn french computer software

French links




Britline  -   Credit Agricole's english-speaking banking service

Guide Nautique Goldschmidt


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