Bolleville, la Manche


Pierre François Desiré Bihet and his parents ( Jean Marc Desiré Bihet & Josephine Brochard ) came from Bolleville, Canton de la Haye du Puits,  Manche, Normandie.  His wife,   Marie Ann Desiré Picot, was from  la Bonneville, Canton de Saint Sauveur le Vicomte,  a  village 11 miles to the north east.

Bolleville is just 11 miles inland (SW) of Barneville-Carteret, familiar to Channel lslanders due to the ferries there from the islands.

See the Map here

This map shows the whole of la Manche, although Bolleville is not labelled - it is very close to la Haye du Puits.

This site  and  this one enable you to insert 'Bolleville' into the 'Map' Place box, then ok, confirm, then you're given a map which pinpoints Bolleville.  You can also insert any starting point, and your destination.  It will tell you the route, distance etc

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