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'Bihet' apparently comes from the words 'bois' and 'la Forêt'.  Our ancestors, in around 1700, worked in the woods/forests.   Their trades included sawyers, cultivators, clogmakers & carpenters.  

'Bihet' is pronouced like the french billet (ticket) - pronounced like 'Bee-Ay' (silent H and T)  in english.  However, in the dialect of Provence, France, billet becomes bihet.

The earliest recorded use of the name 'Bihet' is in Belgium.   The Musée de l'Abeille, and the Hubert Caprasse University, are situated in la Rue du Bihet, in Tilff, Belgium, and there is a Maison Bihet in Province de Liege, Belgium.  There are a couple of  websites that give information about some Bihets in Belgium in the 17th, 18th & 19th centuries.  Our family has a family tree of Belgian Bihets dating back to the 1300s.  Some of their descendants are still in Belgium.  According to this site - there were 23 Bihet families in Belgium in 1996 - following the links to Infobel, will provide you with contact names and addresses for some of them.  Most of them seem to be in the Liège area.

Most of the Bihets appear to have moved to France, remaining mostly in the North.  You can see where the French Bihets are currently living at Notre Famille's site.  It shows births during 1966-1990, although clicking on further links will show you other periods. 

Through the links I have found many Bihets in France - click on and follow those links through to find them.

They include assistant mayors, presidents of societies, doctors, university students, an intelligence agent of WW2, an author, a psychiatric social work assistant, basket ball player, runner, builder, fish farmer, French Air Force pilot of 1950s, radiologist etc 

Infobel provides names and street addresses for Bihets in France.   They give information, for example, for 4 André Bihets (not including my father in Guernsey) in France, and 7 Bihet families living in la Manche, Normandie


Channel Islands  - Guernsey, Jersey & Alderney

You can read the story more fully here, but Pierre Bihet (of Bolleville, la Manche, Normandie) eloped to Jersey with Marie Picot.   They had 9 children together there, before moving on to Alderney (leaving most of their grown-up children in Jersey), then on to Guernsey.  Marcel George, one of their sons, married Marie-Josephine née Allain,  and they had 3 children together.  John, Thérèse and André - my father.

See the Family page for the story and for information about the children


The information in this site has been gained from my father (and mum), relatives in Guernsey (including Aunty Flo, Marilyn and Wendy), our cousins in Jersey - particularly David & Ingrid, Peter (Pierre), and Louis - the Priaulx Library (Guernsey), the Greffe (Guernsey), cemeteries,  and Jean-Marie Bihet from Belbeuf, near Rouen who has researched the Bihets in France, Belgium & Channel Islands over the past 10 years or so.



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