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Reviews of A Child's War


Molly has received hundreds of letters from around the world, from people of all ages - excerpts from a few are reproduced here.

  • This one from Wales:  "What a wonderful book, and what an achievement Molly.  I laughed and I cried, it is really and truly lovely."


  • Mrs T from West Midlands:  "Your book brought tears to my eyes - it was lovely".


  • Mrs R from Hampshire:  ""We have all been fascinated by your account of life during the years of occupation, and the courage and humour with which you and your family and everyone faced the struggle to exist.  The joy of freedom after victory and the hard work that went into recovery made heart-warming reading.  Thank you ever so much".


  • Mr C from Twickenham:  "I thoroughly enjoyed your book A Child's War, and I can see why it's been so successful!  I loved some of the details, such as the sound made by the hose-pipe tyres on the bicycles: k-clump, k-clump; that's the sort of thing you don't often read about in books about the war!  I also loved the pictures of you and Joyce performing as The Finigan Sisters, it must have given people a real boost to have entertainment like that".


  • Miss L from Australia:  "Thank you very much for your book, I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and it brought back many memories".


  • Sharon from Worcester:  "In our English lesson at school we have been reading your book A Child's War.  I am writing to you to say how much I enjoyed it and I hope many more people enjoy your book as much as I did.  The part of the book I most enjoyed was when Stan Workman played There'll Always Be An England and then God Save The King on the piano while several German soldiers were sitting in the front row of the concert hall.  I also liked the bit when your family discovered that Pop Collins (your Granddad) had kept a gun after the Germans had ordered them to be handed in.  I laughed at how you managed to acquire food by collecting potatoes in baskets, and scrounging some cement and carry it home in a pram".


  • Amy (age 8) from Hull:  "I really enjoyed the book A Child's War.  My best bit was when you and Joyce went looking for things like potatoes and wood".


  • A teacher from Bristol:  "Your book A Child's War was very interesting and the children at my school were quite fascinated by it."


  • Mrs U from Essex:  "I am writing to say how much I enjoyed your book A Child's War.  How brave your parents were and how afraid they must all have been for you all. Otto was a nasty man wasn't he, but it was lovely to read of the German who wished to return your photographs.  Your family had great strength.   How lovely that you wrote to Winston Churchill and that you received a reply.   It was a lovely book to read.  I'm only sorry writing is not my best things and I am unable to express my thoughts to you.  Thank you very much for a lovely book."


  • Mr & Mrs P from West Midlands:  "What a marvellous insight you have given us.  I have found your book most interesting.  Thank you once again."


  • Rachel (age 13) from Essex:  "I enjoyed your book very much and it made me realise all the things that happened during the German Occupation of Guernsey.  The part which I enjoyed hearing about the most was when you and your sister went potato collecting.  It must have been very frightening when Otto caught you and chased you down the road.  The food sounded very unappetising and it must have been such a relief when the Red Cross parcels came through, and another good part was when a German officer tried to swap his binoculars for half a bar of chocolate.  Also I liked the way you and your family used the pram to collect things which came in useful.   A good part of the book was when Pop Collins kept his best gun and hid it in the barrel of sawdust and how the Germans kept searching your home.  The crystal radio must have been really good to listen to until you got caught by a German officer and gave you a fright."


  • Mr R from Oldham: "I am writing to tell you how wonderful your book was.  It is a fascinating insight into what children were going through under the Jackboot."


  • Mr M from Eastbourne:  "Your book is a fascinating - if somewhat awesome - look at what life was like in those days".


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